Title and Name: Dr.rer.nat. Sonia Aydin

Schooling / Education:

May 2018      Yoga Therapy – Medical Yoga (Christiane Woff, Bern)
Nov.2017       “Being in Balance”, Essential Oils and the Chakras (Andrea Roder, Bern)
Sep. 2017      Chakra- Potential of Energies (Anna Röcker, Zurich)
Aug.2017       Inside Flow (Young Ho Kim, Radolfzell, Germany)
Sep. 2016      Pilates and Yoga (Amiena Zylla, Bern)
Jan. 2016       Yogabeats (David Sye, Zurich)
Sep. 2015      Restorative Yoga Teacher training (Jodi Boone, Zurich)
Jan. 2015       Bodybalance Instructor training (SAFS, Zurich)
Feb. 2014       Yoga 50+ /Yoga for Elderly Teacher training (Ursula Salbert, Yogakaleidoskop, Bern)
2011 – 2012    200RYT Yoga Teacher training (200 hours, Sharmila’s Yoga Zone, Hyderabad, India)
2005 – 2010    Dr.rer.nat (Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria)
2002 – 2005    Mag.rer.nat in Microbiology (University Innsbruck, Austria)
2001 – 2002    German Language Diploma (University Innsbruck, Austria)


French (Mother tongue), German (fluent), English (fluent), Arabic (Mother-tongue), Turkish (Level 1) and Hindi (Level 1) 

Work Experience:

Since 2016      Bodybalance and Yoga Instructor at Befit Center Basel
2015 – 2017     Bodybalance Instructor at Fitnessplus Basel
Since 2014      Yoga Teacher in my own Yoga Studio (www.revivingyoga.ch)
2001 – 2014    Private French Teacher (www.friendlyfrench.com)
2004 – 2007    Doctorate at the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria
2003 – 2004    Laboratory technician Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, Medical Universität Innsbruck, Austria
2002 – 2003    French Teacher in the privately held Elia School, Lustenau, Austria


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Abstracts and Posters:

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