About Me

What is Reviving Yoga?

In a nutshell, it’s a carefully selected combination of different Yoga styles woven into a smooth flow and accompanied by contemporary music!

My Mission

Reviving Yoga helps to find your balance in life, physically as well as mentally.
It focusses on you as a person and less on the physical aspect of doing “asanas”.

My Vision

To support you in finding your inner balance and your true self.
To enable you to live your life with more awareness of yourself and your body!

My Process

Limited number of participants per class to ensure highest personal benefit.
A well balanced combination of physical workout and mental calmness.

My mantras!

01 Acceptance

Reviving Yoga is not about reaching your toes, but about accepting and listening to your body!

02 Awareness

You have enough competition to deal with, here it’s all about you and what you can do for yourself.

03 Balance

Balance your work life, your family life, your personal life by becoming your own coach!

And a little bit about myself…

Hi, I’m Sonia, founder of REVIVING YOGA, a new and truly reviving Yoga practice.
Yoga changed my life forever and it is my goal to change yours for the better as well.

It all started when we moved to India for two years, at which stage I was going through a very challenging period in my life.
In order to pull myself out of this, I started Yoga not knowing it would mark the beginning of a life-changing journey towards higher self-awareness and self-esteem.
Neither could I imagine that I would become a Yoga teacher myself by the end of our sojourn in India.

As an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT200), a Swiss IGG certified Yoga Teacher Hatha-Yoga 50+ and a member of the International Yoga Alliance, I wanted to share my experience and joy with as many people as possible and hence founded Reviving Yoga after my return to Switzerland.

Initially it combined elements of Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga with a strong focus on correct alignment in the various Yoga poses through considering the physical abilities of attendees as well as the use of various Yoga props (e.g. blocks, belts, …). Since then, I have acquired additional certifications in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for elderly, Yoga Nidra, Pilates, Yoga Therapy as well as Les Mills BodyBalance.

Reviving Yoga, as you can experience it now, includes elements of all the above mentioned styles of Yoga as well as modern music.


Teaching Hours

Training Hours

Namaste – “All the goodness in me greets all the goodness in you!”